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Used in Turkish baths for centuries, Hammam' are traditional Turkish towels hand woven by artisans in their small ateliers following the same traditional methods for generations. Using the finest, breathable, pure cotton they provide a highly absorbent, ultra-lightweight, quick drying, compact and versatile alternative to a regular beach towel, which slips easily into your bag. Your Hammam can also be used as a sarong, wrap, cover-up, scarf, a little glamour in the student’s rucksack, tablecloth, throw, picnic rug, (the list is endless!!) and, as such, Ottily has selected a wide range of styles in eye catching designs to give a broad appeal. These beautiful stylish accessories are perfect for pool, beach, gym, spa, camping, glamping, festivals, around the home or as an ideal gift.
Your Hammam may, also, be called Peshtemal as this is the name given to the woven material used to make the towel.  In the UK, however, these towels are more popularly called Hammam.